February 8, 2020

Gambling vouchers. These can be used for free slot machine games and are often given to players as a casino welcome bonus. Match games are popular with many table games. Using gambling vouchers is often the only time an occasional gambler has an edge over the casino. Going on coupon hunting to use as many of these coupons as possible can be time consuming, but hourly earnings will surprise most players.
Non-gambling vouchers. This can be a discount on food, drinks and entertainment options, which you can find in brochures or free magazines, which you can find at your seat in the plane or taxi or in the hotel reception area. You may even find such a magazine in your hotel room. I know tourists who paid the full price for tours and shows and there were big discount coupons in a magazine on the coffee table in their hotel! The less you spend on things that have nothing to do with gambling, the more you have for your gambling bankroll.

Free gifts. You may not be surprised that “free” is one of my favourite words. But they may be surprised at the value of the free “stuff” we got from casinos and for a lot of things we didn’t have to risk money. Free spins or free trains at a vending machine at the casino entrance. Free souvenir photos. Free logo merchandise – hats, t-shirts, jackets, sports bags – for registering in a player club or for sports betting that we wanted to do anyway. And souvenir giveaways everywhere, with some things that are not worth much, but sometimes valuable gifts for our friends who collect casino mugs, keychains, or shot glasses.
Many of the ideas I mentioned above can be a great monetary boost for your casino experience, but please always keep in mind that most people visit a casino for fun. While you always want to be on the lookout for new ways to increase your gambling bankroll, you also need to consider looking for ways to increase the overall enjoyment of the casino experience

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